Our Culture

Our pirate code and global team are helping you influence with impact

brands and agencies
brands and agencies
brands and agencies

The code

  1. Team first: Break down silos, share the wins
  2. Learn fast: Turn learning into action
  3. Stay Edgy: Embrace uncertainty, empower with risk-taking

Edgy values

  • Trust: we bring transparency and data to fuel business decision making
  • Imagination: we create ourselves and built Edge for creators too
  • Transformation: we’re unconstrained by traditional thinking, creating life-changing business technology
  • Inclusion: open and diverse; we’re a global platform for SMEs and multinationals

Unleash the Power

Zahi Njiem

Business Development Manager

“Edge is great work for because you get to bring yourself to work and we got each other’s back. Core to our success and unity is that each person is honest with the work they do. It's a breath of fresh air.”
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