What powers the metaverse? Content creators

/ 16-11-2021

Content Creators

Metaverse, metaverse, metaverse… it has populated the headlines since Facebook made their branding announcement. But I want you to put Facebook aside for a second, regardless if you agree or disagree with their approach (and indeed the rationale for it) and think about what the metaverse actually is. The metaverse is more than a company’s rebranding, it’s what is shaping our experiences and our communities. 


There are a bewildering array of definitions around the metaverse, so let’s start by putting this concept into one sentence. The metaverse is where your experiences blend the physical and virtual world. In simple terms, that’s it… no blockchain, no NFT’s, no high-tech vocabulary. If we dig a little deeper, the metaverse, the new generation of the internet, the Web 3.0 is powered by all the things we have been learning through several decades of video games. Video games have mastered storytelling, quality time and curiosity across all those different genres, consoles and games available. The metaverse brings together all those lessons about virtual experiences and interactions into areas such as education, shopping, live music, fitness and so much more. 


So is the metaverse a video game? No, it is so much more, it’s a bridge that connects the virtual and the physical world- and content creators are the pillars that keep the bridge standing. 


The power of content creation in today’s reality

The metaverse is driven by two main factors. The first one is activities, everything is now an experience and an opportunity for engagement with people who aren’t necessarily in the same location. Think of the last zoom you had and how it allowed you to be present in a digital way without being physically there – that is one part of the metaverse equation. The second one is creators, those individuals that are able to bring a community together through experiences and shared emotions through digital channels. Content creators are a key factor to the metaverse, we trust in them, share the same thoughts, and we, as individuals with opinions, are creators in some way or another. Bringing back the zoom example, zoom wouldn’t be possible without you creating a conversation with other users, sharing your thoughts, a presentation or watching a film together.


The metaverse allows content creators to build their own worlds, form a community, and make a living out of an online identity. In the metaverse are not consuming content anymore, we are producing content, we are interacting with each other through virtual tools- we, as content creators, are what powers the metaverse. 


There are so many examples of the metaverse in the present day. And those examples could be in the realm of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, or virtual reality. But in fact, there are so many activities in a normal day to day that are part of the metaverse. One of them is Clubhouse, the social media platform that simulates a room where anyone can join a conversation- almost like an interactive podcast. Without content creators, there would be no reason to enter a room, no reason to engage with a new topic. A popular room is ‘Tech Talks’, founded by Chris Cheng, it’s a virtual room where 245K members get together to discuss the good, the bad, the technical and the business side of tech. With this and so many other rooms Clubhouse is like the house party of the metaverse, you go around rooms looking for where the most interesting interactions are happening. 


Another good example is Roblox, a prime example of a crossover between gaming and the creator economy. This platform attracts 43M daily active players and 9.7 billion hours engaged in the first quarter of 2021. So why does it belong in the metaverse? For starters, anyone can be whoever they want, style their avatar as they wish and buy items to showcase their personality. In Roblox, users are able to build their own worlds and travel around instantly to interact with other users and make a living out of some activities. Doesn’t matter where users are located in the physical world, in Roblox, you can instantly build a relationship with someone that would be unreachable without a virtual environment. 


From October 23rd to October 25th, Roblox held their first music festival ‘Electric Daisy Carnival’. The event featured over 50 artists and took place in ‘Insomniac World Party’ colliding the physical event happening in Las Vegas with the virtual world to connect users in every corner of our planet through the power of music.


“Bringing people from all over the world together through art and experience is a goal we’re always working hard to achieve, and together with Roblox we are able to expand this into the digital world. This experience takes the creativity and inspiration behind EDC and all other festivals and events to new heights — bringing our vision to life digitally and opening up the wonder and magic of EDC to anyone of any age, no matter where they are. As we say at EDC, ‘All Are Welcome Here.'”  

-​​Pasquale Rotella, Founder and CEO of Insomniac

Roblox in a nutshell is a virtual environment were users can create their own worlds, customize their own characters, interact with other players and have the opportunity to make some money out of those interactions. And like this platform, there are so many out there that are built by the collective creativity of so many individuals and are bringing users closer to each other through experiences in the metaverse. And this is just the beginning of it. 


Why should I care about the metaverse?

The metaverse is already here, not in a Matrix kind of way, but as a tool to make experiences available to more people by connecting the physical and the virtual world. This doesn’t mean that it is always going to stay this way, it’s definitely going to evolve and it will be through content creators. 

The metaverse presents a world full of opportunities, it gets content creators closer to their communities and fellow creators. Gamers can meet up in an online server and compete for the championship (or even create their own adventure), travellers can explore different worlds (or create their own world)- the possibilities are endless. The metaverse allows content creators to reach the full potential of their creativity and express themselves in a way that a completely physical world might not allow them to. It allows them to put themselves in front of a crow by creating entirely new worlds and sharing experiences. 

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