The Edgy Hacks: Becoming a YouTube Streamer

Insights / 29-10-2021

Edgy Hacks

With so many gaming accounts out there, users tend to think that becoming a YouTube streamer is an impossible task these days. When in many ways, it is no easy feat, the Edge community is here to keep you motivated and provide the right support.

We have all seen huge YouTube stars like PewDiePie, JuegaGerman, and DanTDM, dominate the platform with billions of views. This is a major reason that it is so daunting for creators wanting to start their YouTube journey. A lot of aspiring gamers expect to start a channel and, in a couple of weeks, have the same number of views as PewDiePie. And although that is a possibility in the long run, it requires hard work and patience.

At Edge, we want to make streaming approachable for gamers and help them get the best results when building a youtube channel. The Edgy Hacks is a series that gives you all the latest tips, tricks and insights into the influencer world to help build a following, and Edge is here to hold your hand through the process.

We spoke to Jay Gaming. Jay is a gamer on YouTube with  2.2m subscribers. He plays many different games including Minecraft, GTA 5, PUBG and many more. We spoke to Jay to get an insight into what it takes to become a gamer on YouTube and learn more from all the work he has done to get to where he is.

If you are looking to start a gaming YouTube channel, keep on reading to find out Jay’s top 5 Edgy Hacks:

1. Keep them hooked!

Watch-time is one of the main factors YouTube takes into account when suggesting a video to other viewers. Jay believes that watch-time is the most important metric on the platform to consider. By using Studio Tools to check the average view duration of his videos, he can see which parts of his videos were watched the most and which parts viewer retention fell. By analysing this, it allows creators to plan and create more engaging content, keeping the viewers hooked and watching right to the end.


2. Brands are on the prowl…

YouTubers can be massively lucrative partners for brands. The platform has grown tremendously over the years, and it brings in over 2 billion monthly active users, which represents continuous growth year on year. Brands approach creators in their own unique ways, some look at the numbers, whereas some brands look at the face value of the creator. Once the engagement rate and views increase, brands are more likely to approach a creator. Brands also watch out to see if the creators level of viewership and engagement rate is consistent across the channel.


3. Evolve your channel with you.

Creators need to forever evolve their content to keep their subscribers happy and expand their fanbase. Jay never works at the same level he did yesterday; his content has to continuously evolve. Editing, thumbnails, scripting, you name it, needs to be improved to make videos more attractive and engaging. Slowly, Jay switched his CTA V and mixed gameplay content to Minecraft by scheduling mixed content for a smooth transition. This allowed his audience to decide which type of content they wanted to watch, pleasing more of his audience. Changing content to follow trends is beneficial to keep the engagement of viewers.


4. Plan your work and work your plan.

Consistent uploads are essential with YouTube, and this can be challenging for people who are not putting their whole time into it. However, it is not impossible. Planning your uploads and content ahead of time will allow you to manage time more effectively. Set yourself small goals, like uploading a few times a week or even daily. By doing this, fanbases will rapidly increase, which will give more reason to stay consistent and reach set goals.


5. Don’t give up!

Jay visualised a goal and worked hard to achieve what he wanted. He shares that during lockdown, he had to juggle between his online studies and pursuing his dream to become a YouTuber. He set a clear goal to post every day and he has managed to never miss a day. Some videos receive impressive engagement while others might not get the results he was expecting, but that never stopped him. Today, he keeps pushing himself to keep improving his channel every day.

At Edge we believe in creating online communities that support each other, that’s why we have created a platform to help influencers grow. We do this by helping you secure fair partnerships with brands, so you don’t ever have to send another screenshot again. Edge allows you to track your performance over time and monitor your audience engagement across different platforms. We believe that everyone is an influencer, and we want to help you achieve that goal.

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