The Edgy Hacks: Growing on Instagram

Insights / 16-11-2021

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Edgy Hacks

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels for content creators. It has become so powerful that in only 2020, 8M dollars were spent on Instagram influencer marketing. Not only that but over 50% of marketers say they gain a better customer base through influencer marketing, hence why the industry is currently worth $13.2 billion and it’s still growing.


Becoming a content creator on Instagram has become a sought after job, especially from Generation Z. A content creator’s life is often portrayed as a dream for many people, collaborating with their favourite brands, receiving free gifts, travelling, the flexible working style, having a community of devoted followers supporting you and the freedom to make whatever decisions you want for your own personal brand. From all this, it’s pretty obvious why the market has grown so much in recent years.


With this type of career becoming so popular, it’s more and more challenging to grow a following and stay engaging to an audience with this level of market saturation. Building and retaining a community requires much more effort than people think. But it’s in no way impossible.


At Edge, we want this lifestyle to be more attainable and democratised for creators, to help them collaborate with their desired brands, and get the best results from their posts. Edgy Hacks is a content series that will provide you with the best tips, tricks and insights you need to step foot into the influencer world, build your following and keep them there!


We spoke to Erika Alvarez, @erialvarezz on Instagram, who has a following of 36.5K and counting. We asked Erika for some tips and tricks on how she stays herself on the internet and how she keeps her audience engaged and has grown a following. Erika, being from Mexico but living in London, has audiences in both locations. 


Here are the most important things that have helped Erika to grow as a creator



1. Only work with brands you believe in.

With many brands potentially wanting to work with you, it’s essential not to be bossed around but them. Staying true to yourself and only posting what you feel is right is vital. People can tell when you are uncomfortable behind the camera and not being yourself, and people appreciate honesty! Only work with brands you believe in and promote products you know are great or even just ones you use yourself. 


2. Stay light-hearted.

Have fun! Enjoy your experience on Instagram, laugh and put your own twist of personality on your content. Express yourself in a light-hearted way, and this really relates to an audience as they want real content and people who are up for some fun. Have an open mind and be open to hearing people’s opinions. This can typically lead to amazing useful discussions you can learn from, with the bonus of engaged fans!


3. Befriend your audience.

Your audience is there to support you and chat with you. Befriend them, become relatable, get to know them, speak to them, get them involved. Questions and answers are an excellent way for your followers to get to know you and connect. This type of content really engages an audience. 

People also love gossip, sharing personal things about your life lures in the followers and helps them realise that you’re just a regular person like them. 


4. Appeal to broad demographics.

If it’s possible for you, connecting with people from all over the world is a huge advantage. Translating your content into different languages means you broaden your chances of gaining followers. Another great way to expand your audience is to Travel, this helps a lot to grow an audience of people from different backgrounds, races and religions. Having a diverse audience will only make your job more enjoyable! Also, making your Instagram posts attractive to the eye can allow you to appeal to a more vast number of people. You are more likely to gain a higher engagement on posts.


5. Be transparent above all else.

Instagram is a very powerful tool to build relationships. It can help build personal branding, help sales of a business, connect with people you wouldn’t normally associate with and gage with potential customers. However, all this comes with some negatives. With a growing following of supporters, there will be an increasing number of haters, which you must accept before stepping foot into the influencer world. Not everyone will agree with your opinions or actions that you may share on your Instagram, and some things can be taken well by some and bad by others. But overall, being transparent and being yourself is the most important. A great feature of Instagram is you can control what you see on Instagram, which is great for protecting and keeping your mental health safe.


These points are some tips to keep the engagement on your stories and posts on Instagram. It’s essential to stay consistent and be yourself, and with time there is no doubt you’ll find your audience growing, and with this, more brands and opportunities will approach you!


At Edge we realise how powerful influencer marketing is. We provide a platform that connects creators to big brands and gets them paid for their work fast. We want to help creators to get their first deals and help them become professional content creators. Edge allows you to monitor your performance in real time and monitor engagement over multiple platforms. We believe anyone is a creator, and we’re here to hold your hand through the journey! 


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