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What powers the metaverse? Content creators

The metaverse allows content creators to build their own worlds, form a community, and make a living out of an online identity. In the metaverse are not consuming content anymore, we are producing content, we are interacting with each other through virtual tools- we, as content creators, are what powers the metaverse. 

The Edgy Hacks: Growing on Instagram

We spoke to Erika Alvarez, @erialvarezz on Instagram, who has a following of 36.5K and counting. We asked Erika for some tips and tricks on how she stays herself on the internet and how she keeps her audience engaged and has grown a following. Erika, being from Mexico but living in London, has audiences in both locations. 

Everything you need to know about esports marketing

Esports and gaming hold the keys to the coveted 18-34 demographic. It’s critical to understand the vital relationship between brands and talent within esports to make a long term impact. 

The Edgy Hacks: Becoming a YouTube Streamer

We spoke to Jay Gaming. He is a gamer on YouTube with 2.2m subscribers. If you are looking to start a gaming YouTube channel, keep on reading to find out Jay’s top 5 Edgy Hacks.

The Creator Economy: an era where everyone can influence

Contributing to the conversation, and influencing someone. Nowadays, anyone with an internet connection has the potential to become a creator.

Virtual influencers: Is this a perfectly edited post or a robot’s life?

We have entered an era driven by data and machine learning, so it was only a matter of time until computer-generated content took over the phenomenon that is influencers.

Managing influencer-brand collaborations

We know that influencers are an indispensable bridge between the brand and the community. With that in mind, we have put together a list of tips and everything you need to know to master and ultimately land the best long-term collaborations.

The Edgy Hacks: Tik Tok Edition

Quite simply The Edgy Hacks consists of practical advice and power tips from creators to help our community become better influencers.

Video games and content creators, the Tokyo 2020 saviours

The empty stadiums, travel restrictions and social distancing have not allowed Tokyo 2020 to feel like a normal Olympic celebration. And yet, an intriguing combination of content creators and video games have brought the event to people in every corner of the world.

Brand / esport influencer collaborations: can 1+1 = 3?

The world of videogames can be a complex and confusing area to explore and make sense of as a marketeer. However, the rise of esports has acted as a bridge between brands and the world of videogames and sports.

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