We are esports’ back office


We started Edge to end the Wild West of esports.

Imagine a world where every gamer received every penny they were owed. Imagine a world where you signed top talent and never had to look at their contract again. 

Imagine a world where every tournament ran without hitch. 

Welcome to Edge. 

We provide the gaming & esports industry with contractual and commercial stability. Edge is the first-ever platform providing intuitive technology that automates payments and contracts for gamers, teams, leagues and brands.

What is Edge?

  • It is an easy to use, affordable tech platform that reduces time and costs for Tournament Organisers

  • It has contracts that everyone can understand

  • And automated payments that eliminate the risk of people not being paid

How does Edge work?

On the platform, tournament organisers, teams, brands and gamers can create contracts using a drag and drop constructor:

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 14.30.00.png

This uses the huge database of contract clauses we’ve built so that users can create league regulations, player contracts, and everything from influencer or image rights agreements without having to pay £1,000s in legal fees. The terms are clearly explained so everyone understands what their obligations are.

These contracts contain “Dynamic Clauses” so we can measure and verify performance. Payments are then automated to players.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 14.29.13.png